Unique Wake Venues in Preston

Celebrate the life of your loved one with a meaningful wake in Preston.

Take a walk around their favourite gardens at Moor Park, or enjoy a ride along the river Ribble in a steam train. Whatever you choose, there are many unique ways you can celebrate the life of your loved one in Preston.

Hosting a wake in Preston

A wake is an informal event that traditionally takes place after a funeral service and cremation or burial. It usually involves family and friends gathering to share memories and celebrate the life of their loved one.

Traditionally, wakes would take place at someone’s home or a community centre or pub, but they can take place anywhere. The people organising the wake may want to honour their loved one by holding the wake at a place that was special to them, such as at the grounds of their favourite football team, for example. 

Also, although wakes usually take place directly after the funeral service, they can be held at any time. They can also be as structured or as informal as the organiser would like. Wake organisers have the freedom to host the event that’s right for them, their family and friends, and their loved one.

If you’re organising a wake in Preston, there are plenty of unique venues where you can host the event in your own way, from a visit to Moor Park to the Ribble Steam Railway and Museum and the Harris Art Gallery. 

Find your funeral director in Preston who will help you arrange a cremation or burial and give you ideas for a wake, memorial or reception that’s right for you. 

Famous wakes vary from all night events to not having one at all

Peter Stringfellow was a flamboyant nightclub owner in London who died in 2018. Following a low-key woodland burial, people organised an all night wake party at his club in Covent Garden. 

Meanwhile David Bowie did not want a fuss and chose to have a direct cremation without a funeral or wake. These are ways people have shaped what happens after their loved one has died to reflect their character and wishes.

Enjoy a picnic in Moor Park

Moor Park is Preston’s largest and oldest Grade II listed park. Sitting on the outskirts of the city centre, this park is a beautiful place for a wake. Why not celebrate your loved one with a picnic with their friends and family in a wonderful green space?

The park has all the facilities you need, such as toilets, car parking, and children's play areas. You can get hot and cold refreshments from the cafe, visit the observatory, or take a tour. 

The park has plenty to offer and is a fitting place to celebrate the life of a loved one that enjoyed the park or being outdoors. There is plenty of space in Moor Park for privacy, so you can host your event away from the crowds. 

The park is easily accessible and has disabled access. Be sure to check the weather beforehand and take plenty of picnic blankets or chairs. Moor Park is an ideal venue for celebrating your loved one who enjoyed nature or taking a walk in the park.

Ribble Steam Railway and Museum 

The Ribble Steam Railway and Museum consists of a three-mile return trip on a steam train. You can ride along the sock swing bridge and the river Ribble, offering fantastic views of the City of Preston. It's the ideal send-off for any train fan or Preston native.

Aboard the train you can enjoy an afternoon tea, so you won’t need to worry about the catering. Be sure to contact the museum directly for large bookings—the train can be popular, so it's best to secure a booking beforehand for your wake. Prices vary depending on the group size, so be sure to ask for a quote. Journeying along the river is a wonderful trip for anyone whose loved one has fond memories here. 

Perhaps they made this journey a lot, or maybe they played in the river as a child. Share these stories with friends and family on your journey as you remember your loved one. 

The right choice for you

If you’re interested in a wake funeral and need to organise a direct cremation first, we can help.

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