A direct cremation from £895

We take care of the cremation and hand-deliver your loved one's ashes, so you can arrange a personal memorial that’s right for you and your family.

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How our direct cremation works


We collect your loved one

We collect your loved one from anywhere in England or Wales and transport them to our crematorium. We work with doctors and nurses to complete all the necessary paperwork.


We carry out the cremation

Our highly-experienced team carry out a direct cremation without a funeral service, so you can spend more time planning a memorial with your family.


We hand-deliver their ashes

We deliver your loved one’s ashes in a simple urn. You can then arrange your own memorial service before displaying or scattering the ashes.

Our price includes everything you need

  • An urn made from easy to recycle materials, suitable for scattering, and an oak veneer coffin
  • Hand-delivery of your loved one’s ashes or scattering in our gardens of remembrance
  • Guidance and ideas for planning a memorial service
  • We’ll complete all the paperwork

Say goodbye your way

Once we’ve returned your loved one’s ashes, you’re free to celebrate their life anytime, anywhere. Here are some suggestions to get you started:

Scattered at sea

Visit their favourite beach or beauty spot and scatter their ashes into the wind.

Make it a party

Get family and friends together and fill the time with amazing memories.

Host a picnic

Put on a picnic spread for a relaxed memorial, and raise a glass in their honour.

Have a family feast

Take everyone out for brunch, lunch or dinner at one of their favourite places.

Commemorative jewellery

Turn their ashes into a ring, cufflinks or a sparkling pendant that you can keep forever.

Do nothing at all

If a memorial isn’t right for you, you could scatter their ashes or display them at home.

I never knew there were companies out there as professional and caring during our sad times as Farewill. The whole process from start to finish was flawless.


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