Simpler send-offs. Brighter goodbyes.

Arrange a direct cremation from £800, with the help of our award-winning team. So you can say goodbye at a time and place that feel right.

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Direct cremation.
It’s a funeral done your way.

Direct cremation is simply a cremation without a funeral service. It’s fast becoming the choice of families who want to decide how and where they say goodbye to their loved one, at a time that’s right for them.

Do it your way

Create the send-off you want, when you’re ready. With more time to grieve, plan, and get everyone together.

It’s simpler

Cut the extra fuss and burden of a traditional funeral. Things like a hearse, an organist, or arranging a procession.

It’s cheaper

We’re 4x cheaper than the average traditional UK funeral, saving you thousands.

Everything you need, from £800.
With specialist support throughout.


We arrange the cremation

Wherever you are in England and Wales, we’ll bring your loved one to our chapel of rest. Then complete all the paperwork and arrange the cremation.


On the day

We’ll transport them to a local crematorium and carry out a cremation you don’t attend. We’re always available if you need a chat.


After the cremation

We can scatter the ashes, you can collect them from the crematorium, or we can hand-deliver the ashes to you, anywhere in the UK, for £50.

An award-winning team to support you

Our award-winning funeral directors are here 7 days a week to support you through the process. We believe everyone deserves a send-off as unique as they are, without compromising on cost, or quality.

A direct cremation is 80% cheaper than the average UK funeral.

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How our costs compare

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Choose what’s right for you

We specialise in direct cremations because – unlike traditional funerals – they don’t restrict you to a formal service at the crematorium. It means we can support you to choose the send-off that’s right for you and the person you love.

An urn to reflect them

From scattering urns for releasing the ashes at sea, to ceramic display urns for keeping them close – we have the perfect choice for whatever you decide to do.

A memorial tree that lasts for generations

Choose a memorial tree from our collection to plant in your loved one’s name. A beautiful tribute that keeps their memory alive.

Memorial tree package

A specialist to guide you

With Farewill you’ll speak with the same person throughout – a friendly specialist who can offer their support, ideas, or simply their ear, anytime.

Deeanna, one of our funeral specialists

Deeanna, one of our funeral specialists

Want some inspiration?

We’ve got lots of ideas for things you could do, and can point you towards the best places near you. Our team is always happy to help.

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A send-off that’s...just right

We believe everybody should choose how they say goodbye. Whether big or small. Traditional or informal. A gathering or a simple tribute.

Why families are choosing Farewill

My grandmother wanted a simple send off with her ashes scattering at her chosen location and only the closest family and friends present. Farewill offered us the perfect way to carry out her wishes.

Abi, funeral customer

The service was excellent and you would not get better by going to a high street funeral director and paying 2 or 3 times as much. We couldn’t have asked for a better send off for our brother.

Frankie, funeral customer

Serving England, Wales and Scotland

We can arrange a cremation even in the remotest places. Just give our friendly team a call if you’re unsure whether we serve your area.

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Top questions people ask about direct cremation

Got any other questions?

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The difference between a standard and direct cremation

A standard cremation includes a traditional funeral service at a crematorium. A direct cremation is a cremation you do not attend. The crematorium will take your loved one into their care, perform the cremation and bring the ashes back to you.

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What can you do with the ashes after a cremation?

After receiving the ashes from a cremation, many families arrange their own personal memorial service. You’re then free to display or scatter the ashes anywhere you wish – or you could even create a series of mementos for your family.

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Where can you scatter ashes in the UK?

Ashes can be scattered almost anywhere in the UK, as long as you have permission from the landowner first. If you’re thinking about scattering ashes at sea or on a river, you don’t need a permit, but you should follow the Environment Agency’s guidance.

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Goodbye is personal. Say it your way.

We’re Farewill and we want to help every family say a goodbye that's just right – for them and the person they love.