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The average cost of dying without a will is £9700. Make sure your children are looked after and you provide for those who matter most to you.

How it works

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    Choose guardians for your children and pets

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    Decide who you'd like to inherit what you own

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    Select who should carry out your wishes

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    Review, pay, print and sign



  • Update anytime (for £5 a year)
  • Live legal support
  • Jargon free


Average Lawyers Fee

  • Update anytime (for £5 a year)
  • Live legal support
  • Jargon free
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  • How does this work?

    We guide you step-by-step through a series of questions so we can create your personalised will. You can complete your will for free and decide to purchase when you are done.

  • What information will I need?

    You’ll need the names of the people you want to inherit as well as an idea of any specific gifts you’d like to leave. Adding basic details like the name of your bank, or pension provider can make it easier to deal with your estate.

  • Do you do mirror wills?

    We always recommend that couples write separate wills for added flexibility. Legally there’s nothing special about mirror wills, they’re just a reflection of two partners’ wishes. Learn more