Join us changing the way the world thinks about death

Farewill is changing the way we deal with death, forever. Simple and affordable digital wills you can update anytime, to protect the big (and little) things that matter in life. Your home, your kids, your cat. Your record collection.

Image of the farewill team

How we do things

  1. 01.We hire people who are great at what they do.
  2. 02.Give them interesting & difficult problems to solve.
  3. 03.Trust them to be outstanding and original.


At Farewill you’ll get to work with an exceptionally talented team working on a weird and wonderful mission.

You’ll be given the freedom and flexibility you need to grow and do your best work. Diversity is key for us, especially when we’re tackling something experienced so differently throughout the world.

Assorted images of life at Farewill


  1. 01.We eat lunch together everyday (only if you want to).
  2. 02.Choose your own equipment.
  3. 03.Free Boris Bike yearly pass.
  4. 04.Weekly socials, from fancy breakfasts to grotty pubs.
  5. 05.Weekly reading and discussion (about anything).
  6. 06.Access to an amazing network of mentors.
  7. 07.A very spacious top floor office in Euston.


We put a lot of care and attention into our job descriptions. If you think one of them sounds like the kind of thing you’d love to be doing, we can’t wait to meet you. If your dream role isn’t there but you’re great at what you do and want to join us on our mission, tell us why we need you on [email protected].

    Sorry - we don't have any vacancies at this time.