Join us in changing the way the world deals with death

We’re out to change the way the world deals with death - helping people to take control, personally and financially, of what matters to them after they’re gone.

This is a problem that has never been solved before, so we need a great team to work it out.

We realise applying for things can be a pain, so if you have a quick question or want to chat - just reach out to us. You can message us on Twitter or send us an email.

Our team

  • Photo of Thomas Marano

    Thomas Marano

    Junior Full-stack Developer

  • Photo of Tye Korgaokar

    Tye Korgaokar

    Strategic Partnerships Manager

  • Photo of James Maskell

    James Maskell

    Senior Product Manager

  • Photo of Alexia Rowe

    Alexia Rowe

    Probate Specialist

  • Photo of Sarah Connor

    Sarah Connor

    Engineering Manager

  • Photo of Emily Isacke

    Emily Isacke

    Full-stack Developer

  • Photo of Constance Mantle

    Constance Mantle


  • Photo of Hannah Koskella

    Hannah Koskella

    Probate Specialist

  • Photo of Tamzin Grigg

    Tamzin Grigg

    Will Specialist

  • Photo of Demi Ogun

    Demi Ogun

    Junior Full-stack Developer

  • Photo of Chris Zetter

    Chris Zetter

    Platform Engineer

  • Photo of Eltje Lange

    Eltje Lange

    Talent Lead

  • Photo of Hayley Hutton

    Hayley Hutton

    Business Development Manager

  • Photo of Catherine Cull

    Catherine Cull

    Head of Acquisition Marketing

  • Photo of Tam Finlay

    Tam Finlay

    Group Product Manager

  • Photo of Tom Rogers

    Tom Rogers

    Co-Founder & CPTO

  • Photo of Victor Hwang

    Victor Hwang

    Lead Product Designer

  • Photo of David Biggs

    David Biggs


  • Photo of Charlotte Dann

    Charlotte Dann

    Front-end Developer

  • Photo of Ali Noori

    Ali Noori

    Will Specialist

  • Photo of Jake Edwards

    Jake Edwards

    Partnerships Manager

  • Photo of Yasemin Kaya

    Yasemin Kaya

    Senior Probate Specialist

  • Photo of Dorka Voicu

    Dorka Voicu

    Sales Executive

  • Photo of Mitchell Greenham

    Mitchell Greenham

    Sales Lead

  • Photo of Matt Morgan

    Matt Morgan

    Head of Cremation

  • Photo of Kyle Fearon

    Kyle Fearon

    Talent Acquisition Specialist

  • Photo of Natasha Pawade

    Natasha Pawade

    Head of Partnerships

  • Photo of Darragh Vieyra

    Darragh Vieyra

    Sales Executive

  • Photo of Tiziana Basilicata

    Tiziana Basilicata

    Office Assistant

  • Photo of Dan Garrett

    Dan Garrett

    Co-Founder & CEO

  • Photo of Ethan Lott

    Ethan Lott

    Lead Creative Copywriter

  • Photo of Lorraine Robinson

    Lorraine Robinson

    Head of Legal

  • Photo of Theo Djerkallis

    Theo Djerkallis

    Cremation Specialist

  • Photo of Conor Stephenson

    Conor Stephenson

    Probate Ops Team Lead

  • Photo of Clare Ridd

    Clare Ridd

    User Researcher

  • Photo of Joseph Radcliffe

    Joseph Radcliffe

    Sales Executive

  • Photo of June Yap

    June Yap

    Probate Lead

  • Photo of Gavin James

    Gavin James

    Full-stack Developer

  • Photo of Grace Rodgers

    Grace Rodgers

    Probate Specialist

  • Photo of Ruby Webbe

    Ruby Webbe

    Probate Specialist

  • Photo of Helena Thompson

    Helena Thompson

    Full-stack Developer

  • Photo of Sasha Kaveri

    Sasha Kaveri

    Data Analyst

  • Photo of Alex Baldwin

    Alex Baldwin

    Will Specialist

  • Photo of Tom Hiskey

    Tom Hiskey

    Lead Product Designer

  • Photo of Rianah Ntanya

    Rianah Ntanya

    Cremation Specialist

  • Photo of Angela Bradbury

    Angela Bradbury

    Cremation / Chief of Staff

  • Photo of Louis Buck

    Louis Buck

    Lead Marketing Designer

  • Photo of Ethel Ng

    Ethel Ng

    Full-stack Developer

  • Photo of Holly Furniss

    Holly Furniss

    Data Analyst

  • Photo of Soraya Thompson

    Soraya Thompson

    Business Development Manager

  • Photo of Jacob Pargin

    Jacob Pargin

    Full-stack Developer

  • Photo of Karan Soni

    Karan Soni

    Senior Will Specialist

Constance with two laptops - Wow
Holly and Harry with their gravy
Helena sitting on the snake in Snake Park
Dan taking a selfie with other people from the team on bikes
People round the table watching a presentation from a guest
The main table with food on it

How we do things

  1. 1.We hire people who are great at what they do
  2. 2.Give them interesting & difficult problems to solve
  3. 3.Trust them to be outstanding and original


At Farewill you’ll get to work with an exceptionally supportive, talented team working on a challenging and exciting mission.

You’ll be given the freedom and flexibility you need to grow and do your best work.

You can read a few posts we’ve written on our Life at Farewill blog.

The product team doing a retro in the park
People measuring out ingredients for beer
The office - blue sofa with some chairs


  1. 1.Competitive stock options and compensation
  2. 2.Regular team lunches and off-sites
  3. 3.Work from home on Wednesdays
  4. 4.Regular buddy meetings to support each other
  5. 5.Every two weeks, time dedicated to learn and experiment
  6. 6.Choose your own equipment
  7. 7.Lovely bright office in Haggerston
  8. 8.Access to an amazing network of mentors
  9. 9.Cycle friendly with a yearly Boris bike pass