Unique wake venues in Coventry

Celebrate the life of your loved one with a meaningful wake in Coventry.

Enjoy a picnic at Lady Herbert’s Garden, pay a visit to Coventry Canal Basin, or enjoy a meal at the Belgrade Café to celebrate the life of your loved one.

Hosting a wake in Coventry

A wake is an informal event that traditionally takes place after a funeral service and cremation or burial. It’s usually an informal event that involves family and friends gathering to share memories and celebrate the life of their loved one.

Traditionally, wakes would take place at someone’s home, or a community centre or pub, but they can take place anywhere. The people organising the wake may want to honour their loved one by holding the wake at a place that was special to them, such as at the grounds of their favourite football team, for example. 

Also, although wakes usually take place directly after the funeral service, they can be held at any time. They can also be as structured or as informal as the organiser would like. Wake organisers have the freedom to host the event that’s right for them, their family and friends, and their loved one.

If you’re organising a wake in Coventry there are plenty of unique venues where you can host the event in your own way, from a picnic at Lady Herbert’s Gardens to a meal at the Belgrade Café. 

Find your funeral director in Coventry who will help you arrange a cremation, and give you ideas for a wake, memorial or reception that's right for you.

Explore your options

If you’re choosing a celebration of life instead of a traditional funeral, you could consider direct cremation. This is where the cremation doesn’t have any attendees, and the crematorium will return the ashes directly to you or your loved ones.

Lady Herbert's Gardens

Lady Herbert’s Gardens, located on the outskirts of the city centre, were created by Sir Alfred Herbert and named after his late wife, Florence. It may be a beautiful, serene place to hold a wake for your loved one.

Sir Alfred Herbert created the gardens in two principal phases. The east garden was the first phase established in 1930, and the second phase, the west garden, followed nine years later. Sir Alfred Herbert was one of Coventry’s leading industrialists and was the founder of Alfred Herbert Ltd, who manufactured machine tools. He began to acquire property to the north of the city centre in June 1980 to create a public garden of flowers to commemorate his second wife, Florence. In his wife's honour, the property Sir Alfred purchased and later turned into the gardens were industrial premises, including a former rope factory. The Old Rope Walk is located at the southern end of the garden, running parallel and to the east of a section of the C14 city wall.

The garden is an intimate, beloved attraction in Coventry and would be a great place to enjoy a picnic with close family and friends to remember your loved one.

Coventry Canal Basin

There is so much on offer at Coventry Canal Basin, from relaxing walks to historical canal architecture. You can find Coventry Canal Basin in the city centre, marking the beginning of the canal and was designed by famous canal engineer James Brindley, in 1768. Work on the canal started in Longford and operated in both directions, reaching the basin in 1769.

It was once a busy, thriving area in the industrial era. While it is still vibrant with visitors, it’s a much more relaxed place, where you can raise a toast to the person who’s died or walk along the idyllic five and a half-mile canal stretch, reflecting on memories of your loved one. 

There are many ways to celebrate your loved one’s life in Coventry Canal Basin, from a boat trip at Hawkesbury Junction to paying a visit to the old weighbridge house. You can also follow the art trail and cycle down the towpath to take in the award-winning public art on display. You and your friends and family can also celebrate the life of your loved one at Country Crust tearooms, a family-run business that has been a part of the Coventry Canal Basin for over ten years. It has a warm and friendly atmosphere and serves freshly prepared food. 

Access to the basin is simple, with pay and display parking on the nearby road.

Belgrade Café at Belgrade Theatre

The Belgrade Café is located at the Belgrade Theatre and is open every day from 8 am to 5 pm, and is open later on performance days. The café serves freshly prepared food, and the café - and the beautiful first-floor bar, Nineteen 58 - would be a lovely place to hold a unique and intimate wake for your loved one. 

Toilets are found on the first floor, you and can access these via the café’s staircase. There is also an accessible toilet available on the ground floor right next to the lift. Proceeds from all food and drink support the theatre, which is a registered charity. If your loved one enjoyed the theatre, and you have memories of watching shows with them at the Belgrade Theatre, then the Belgrade Café may be the perfect place to celebrate their life in a unique way.

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