Memorial ideas in Southend-on-Sea

Remember your loved one with a personal memorial in Southend-on-Sea.

Pay tribute to your loved one with a dedicated rose bush, leaf of remembrance, or message in a book of remembrance in Southend-on-Sea.

Remembering your loved one in Southend-on-Sea

When a loved one dies and chooses to have their ashes scattered, their family and friends may want to designate a space to visit instead of a grave in their memory. 

A memorial, such as a dedicated tree or bench, can be a meaningful way to remember your loved one. It can give you a spot to visit and think about your loved ones in an area that was significant to them, such as the town where they grew up or their favourite spot in a park. 

In Southend-on-Sea, there are several ways you can set up a memorial for your loved one, including books of remembrance in the crematorium, leaves of life in the Garden of Remembrance, or Memorial roses and shrubs with plaques. There are other options outside the crematorium’s garden of remembrance, but remember, you might need landowner permission before installing a memorial.

Find your funeral director in Southend-on-Sea, who will help you arrange a cremation or burial and give you ideas for a meaningful memorial.

Memorialisation is the process of preserving memories of the person who’s died

This could be displaying a memorial plaque, scattering their ashes in a special place or having a bench created in their memory. 

Write their name in the book of remembrance

The book of remembrance is at the crematorium. The handmade book allows you to enter the name of your loved one, along with their age, date of death, and a short message about them. 

The book allows two pages for each day of the year and will be displayed in a glass case, with the pages displayed annually. You can visit each year on the date your loved one’s name appears to pay your respect.

You can add motifs or family crests to the memorial, which will be painted in colour. You can also have a memorial card or a miniature reproduction of the book to keep at your request. The book of remembrance prices can be found online or by emailing the bereavement services. 

You can also bring fresh flowers, which will be displayed in the chapel for a set time. Why not immortalise your loved one’s names in the book of remembrance and have somewhere to visit and pay your respects?

Engrave their name in the Leaves of Life

Another option is to add a leaf to the memorial tree found in the Garden of Remembrance in the crematorium. The leaf added will be engraved with the name of your loved one, along with their date of birth and death. 

Your leaf will be displayed for one year, but you could extend the leaf’s display for another year, for a fee. More information can be found on the Southend council website or you could contact Havens Hospice directly to discuss this further. 

The memorial tree is a peaceful place to visit and will allow you to pay your respects uniquely. You can also add two names or a family name to a large leaf if you have more loved one’s you wish to remember in this peaceful location.

Dedicate memorial roses in their name

Finally, you could remember your loved one with pre-planted roses and shrubs in the Garden of Remembrance at the crematorium. You can add a dedicated cast bronze plaque to these roses with the name of your loved one and their date of birth and death. The plaque is displayed for five or ten years, with the option to renew it for a further five years. 

It's the ideal memorial for those that loved gardening and the outdoors. The adoption price may be a little steep, but you can speak to a staff member for more advice and guidance on the online application form. 

By using one of these ideas, you have a space in the crematorium's Garden of Remembrance where you can visit and pay your respects to your loved one. Be sure to contact the crematorium for more advice and arrange the memorial of your choice.

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