Memorial ideas in Newcastle

How to remember your loved one in Newcastle.

Pay tribute to your loved one with a dedicated memorial plaque in West Road Crematorium, immortalise their name in the Book of Remembrance or dedicate a memorial leaf to them.

Remembering your loved one in Newcastle 

When a loved one dies and chooses to have their ashes scattered, their family and friends may want to designate a space in their memory to visit instead of a grave. 

A memorial, such as a dedicated tree or bench, can be a meaningful way to remember your loved one. It can give you a spot to visit and think about your loved one in an area that was significant to them, such as the town where they grew up or their favourite spot in the park. 

In Newcastle, there are several ways you can set up a memorial for your loved one, including placing a plaque in West Road Crematorium, entering their name into the Book of Remembrance, or dedicating a Memorial Leaf to them. 

Find your funeral director in Newcastle who will help you arrange a cremation and give you ideas for a meaningful memorial.

Explore your options

If you’re choosing a celebration of life instead of a traditional funeral, you could consider direct cremation. This is where the cremation doesn’t have any attendees, and the crematorium will return the ashes directly to you or your loved ones.

Memorial Plaques 

You could place a bronze memorial plaque on the pillars in the Loggia Archway at the West Road Crematorium. The plaques have a dark background and raised gold lettering and edging. You can fit four lines of text with a maximum of 80 characters on the plaque, so you could include your loved one’s name, age, and a message or meaningful quote.

You can lease the plaque for five years before you will need to renew it, if you’d like to. You can do this by contacting the bereavement services either over the phone or via email. While you have the plaque you will not be able to leave flowers near the pillars. Instead, you can make use of the vases in the Garden of Remembrance.

Alternatively, you could place a plaque on a granite vase block in the Garden of Remembrance, which you can lease for five years. You can add flowers to the vases, though you should check with the council before leaving any other items there.

There are plenty of plaque options at West Road Crematorium, so you can create a memorial that truly reflects your loved one. 

Book of Remembrance 

You can include your loved one’s name into the Book of Remembrance, which is kept in the Hall of Remembrance, behind the West Chapel at West Road Crematorium. You can enter your loved one’s name and the date they died, or another date of significance, if you wish. The pages of the book are turned every day, allowing you to visit and see their name on the anniversary of their death.

You can also include a family crest, motif, or other badges next to their name, date of birth and death date. The price will vary depending on the length of the inscription and any additional motifs, but you can find out more by speaking with the bereavement offices. 

Friends and family can view the entries online too, so they will not have to travel to view the memorial. Alternatively, you could have a copy of the inscription as it appears in the book either as a card or miniature book. These are wonderful options for those that cannot visit West Road Crematorium.

Memorial leaf 

In the Hauxley Wildlife Discovery Centre, there is a tree where people can attach leaves to commemorate the life of their loved ones. Set in an eco-friendly building, in support of the Northumberland Wildlife Trust, the leaf is the perfect memorial for anyone who was passionate about the local flora and fauna.

Choose from a bronze, silver, or gold leaf, and add three to five lines of text about your loved one. The price of each leaf is listed as a suggested donation, so you can pay what you can to help support the trust. This new project is a lovely way to celebrate the life of your loved ones and ensure that their memory lives on. 

For more information about these leaves, be sure to contact the Hauxley Wildlife Discovery centre where an advisor can assist you further. 

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