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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why would I update my will?

    As we grow older and life moves around us, things change. Whether it’s big or small we want you to not be tied down by the will you write today.

  • Why is Farewill just £50?

    Wills aren’t actually too complex it turns out, so it baffles us that they usually cost so much. We keep things simple and to a high standard, so £50 it is.

  • Can I cancel my £5 a year?

    Yep, you can cancel anytime and your will is still legally binding. Bear in mind if you want to make any updates after this, you'll need to pay the standard £50 will fee.

  • Do you do mirror wills?

    We always recommend that couples write separate wills for added flexibility. Legally there's nothing special about mirror wills, they’re just a reflection of two partners' wishes. Learn more.

Some thoughts on pricing

We believe wills should be easy to understand and fairly priced. After being frustrated by how much lawyers were charging for a will that you couldn’t even update, we set out to change things. That’s why we’re 4x cheaper than your average lawyer, and push you to keep things up to date.

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