Get wills sorted for you and your partner

Individual wills, completed in your own time. £160 when you pay together.

Why make your wills together?


Make decisions together

Farewill makes it easy to reflect each others wishes about who’ll look after your children or pets.


Give each other certainty

Make sure that your partner has everything they need, should the worst happen to either of you.


Leave personal messages

With Farewill you have the flexibility to leave individual gifts, messages and funeral wishes.

How it works

  1. Step One

    Sign up and invite your partner

    You’ll each need your own email address so you can create your own, personal accounts.

  2. Step Two

    Make your wills

    Most couples leave their estate to each other, but we can help you leave messages, personal gifts and funeral wishes too.

  3. Step Three

    Pay and send for checking

    You can choose to pay together (£160) or separately (£100 each). Our will specialists then check both of your wills to make sure everything is okay. If there are any issues, we’ll let you know right away.

  4. Step Four

    Print and sign

    Once we’ve checked over your wills, you can print and sign them with two witnesses. When you’re done, store them somewhere safe and make sure you tell your executors where they are.

Our price
when you
pay together
Update Service£10 a year (optional)

For just £10 a year, update your will whenever your circumstances change and our specialists will check it for you.

Try it for free today

You can write your will online and get help from our friendly team before paying a penny. And if you like what you see, you can then pay to get it checked and approved by our will specialists.