Wills for couples

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    What are mirror wills?

    Mirror wills are an identical reflection of two partners’ wishes in each other’s wills. There’s nothing legally or technically different – it’s often just a way to save time and for solicitors to charge double. Good for money making, bad for flexibility.

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    How our wills for couples work

    We believe every will should be personal. So while it’s important to talk together and agree on the big bits (like who gets the house and kids), this way you’re free to leave personal gifts and messages to your own friends and loved ones without affecting your partner’s will.

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    Partners get 30% off

    You can create your account and start making your will today. When you sign up, we’ll send your partner a discount code for them to do the same. Have a chat about the important things, then go ahead and make each of your wills.

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