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Why a lasting power of attorney is important

If you have an accident or illness, other people may need to make decisions about your health and finances. A lasting power of attorney lets you choose who those people are and what decisions they can make – so you know they’ll be acting with your best interests at heart.

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Planning for the future can be daunting, so our specialists are here to guide you through things at your own pace. We’ve won awards for our will writing service, and now we can help with your lasting power of attorney too.

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How it works


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Your specialist will send your documents within 10 working days and let you know how to register them.

50% cheaper than the average provider in the UK


or £300 for couples

  • Financial lasting power of attorney
  • Health and wellbeing lasting power of attorney
  • Government registration fee (£82 per document)
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What you can include

Here are a few examples of what you can include in your lasting power of attorney:

My attorneys must not sell my home unless, in my doctor’s opinion, I can’t live independently anymore.
I’d like to spend time outdoors at least once a day.
My attorneys must continue donating to charities I’ve supported or have a standing order with.

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