We'll help arrange a direct cremation in Leeds for someone who's died. This is a funeral without a service and keeps costs low. You can arrange a simple cremation with us from £895

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Honour their memory

No two people are the same, and no two funerals are either. We’ll work with you to create a bespoke funeral, so you can say goodbye your way.

Get dedicated support

If you know exactly what they wanted, or you’re not sure where to start, we’ll arrange something that feels right for you and your loved ones.

Choose what’s right for you

We’ll help you find a venue for a memorial, or give you ideas on other ways to say goodbye, like where to scatter their ashes.

A Leeds Funeral Specialist who’s with you from day one

Deeanna, a Funeral Specialist at Farewill Funeral Directors

A Leeds Funeral Specialist who’s with you from day one

Losing a loved one is hard. To make things a little easier, we'll pair you up with someone in our team.

With experience across Morley, Pudsey, Yeadon, Guiseley, Garforth, Rothwell and beyond, they’ll listen to what you want and need, answer your questions and guide you through everything.

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How we’ll help you

Our prices start from £895 for a direct cremation (without a service), including the crematorium fee, a simple urn and oak veneered coffin. You can also choose from our selection of urns for scattering and display.

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We arrange the cremation

We’ll bring your loved one to our chapel or rest and look after them there while we complete all the paperwork and arrange the cremation date.

On the day of the cremation

We’ll transport them to a local crematorium in Leeds and carry out a cremation you don’t attend. We’re always available if you need a chat.

We hand-deliver their ashes

We deliver your loved one’s ashes in a simple urn, or scatter them for you. We also offer a choice of urns for display or scattering, including planting and water scattering.

Find the perfect place to say goodbye

We’ll help find the perfect place for a memorial service or to scatter your loved one’s ashes in Morley, Pudsey, Yeadon, Guiseley, Garforth, Rothwell or nearby.

Whether you have something in mind or want to talk through your options, our funeral experts will support you in finding a place that reflects the person you love.

We met up with family and said goodbye together in our way. The way mum wanted. Fantastic value, fantastic staff, fantastic company that’s with you every step of the way.

Jenny, who arranged a funeral with farewill

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Planning your own reception or memorial

Instead of a funeral service, a memorial can give you the chance to come together with friends and family and celebrate your loved one’s life. If this is something you’re considering, these ideas from our team could help you get started.

Memorial ideas in Leeds

Dedicate a tree to your loved one at one of Leeds’ cemeteries or see your loved one’s name in the Book of Remembrance and create a memorial that best celebrates the life of your loved one.

Unique wake venues in Leeds

Dedicate a tree to your loved one at one of Leeds’ cemeteries or see your loved one’s name in the Book of Remembrance and create a memorial that best celebrates the life of your loved one.

Where to scatter ashes in Leeds

Enjoy a walk through the Yorkshire Dales, spend some time by the River Aire, or around Roundhay Park to scatter your loved one’s ashes in a place that is special to them.

Find Your Funeral Directors in Leeds 

Leeds is the largest city in West Yorkshire, home to the highly regarded Leeds University. The city is known for its stunning architecture, market stalls, and wonderful live music venues. It is also home to several churches, including St Jons which was consecrated in 1634. The city's other churches such as LIFE church and Mill Hill Chapel are also incredibly popular. 

There are also several cemeteries and crematoriums in Leeds including Leeds Catholic Cemetery and the Beckett Street Cemetery which offers plenty of space for a peaceful reflection and houses a Book of Remembrance. There is also the highly regarded Lawnswood Cemetery which features chapels, waiting rooms, and grounds for you to walk through and pay your respects. The memorial building also allows you to light candles in remembrance of your loved one. 

There are also many places of natural beauty should you consider scattering your loved one’s ashes in Leeds, such as Roundhay Park and the River Aire. 

How much funerals and cremations cost in Leeds 

The average funeral in Leeds costs around £5,050, which is higher than the UK average. Burials tend to cost roughly £6,000 while the average cost of a cremation in Leeds is much cheaper, around the £3,900 mark. These prices can vary depending on the type of funeral you wish to arrange.

There are several services available from funeral directors in Leeds such as burials, cremations, and woodland burials. We’ll help you arrange a meaningful direct cremation in Leeds.

Areas we cover in Leeds

We can arrange a meaningful cremation across Leeds, including Adel, Morley North, Stanningley, Garforth and Horsforth.

We’ll bring your loved one into our care, no matter the distance, arrange the cremation and hand-deliver their ashes back to you anywhere in Leeds.

Our local experts can also help you find somewhere to hold a memorial service in Leeds.

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