Where to scatter ashes in Accrington

Scatter your loved one’s ashes at a meaningful place in Accrington

Accrington is full of natural beauty spots to scatter your loved one’s ashes, from the enchanting Pendle Hill to the historic Woodnook Vale Local Nature Reserve.

Scattering ashes in Accrington

For many people, scattering ashes is a deeply personal moment. It can be a really meaningful way to say goodbye, and it’s important to take time to plan and ensure you choose the right location for you and your loved one.

While some people choose to keep ashes at home in an urn, many scatter ashes around natural beauty spots, usually in places with special memories attached to them. 

Scattering ashes is a great way of honouring your loved ones, and in the UK, people are generally allowed to scatter ashes anywhere. This can be along a river, in the sea, under a tree, at the beach or even on private land.

To scatter ashes in the sea or a river, you do not need to have permission, but there are some guidelines to follow, and it’s recommended you seek advice from the environmental agency. It’s generally safe for places inland, but there are guidelines in place to protect nature, and you may need to seek permission from the landowner. 

Accrington is within reach of many breathtaking, historic beauty spots. There are many places for families and friends to scatter the ashes of their loved ones, from Pendle Hill to Woodnook Vale Local Nature Reserve. 

Find your funeral director in Accrington, who will help you arrange a cremation and give you ideas of a meaningful place to scatter your loved one’s ashes.

Learn about scattering ashes

Many people are unsure about what to do with ashes once they receive them. You might decide to scatter them somewhere meaningful. This how to scatter ashes guide gives you some ideas, as well as explaining the best ways to scatter them.

Pendle Hill

Pendle Hill is probably most famous for the witch trials of 1612, but Pendle Hill is also home to beautiful woodland and is brimming with history and legend. Pendle Hill itself rises above ancient hunting grounds where wolves and wild boars once roamed, and today is still home to many hamlets and farms. 

Man and nature have influenced the landscape over time, enchanting walkers and countryside enthusiasts from far and wide. The 43-mile Pendle Way is part of the Bronte Way, combining history with breathtaking scenery. There are also plenty of country inns and farmhouses to rest your feet along this long-distance walk. The natural beauty of Pendle Hill and its strong connection with nature can make it the ideal spot to scatter the ashes of a loved one. It is important to get permission from the landowner before you decide on this area.

Woodnook Vale Local Nature Reserve

Woodnook Vale Local Nature Reserve (LNR) provides visitors with almost 50 hectares of woodland, heathland, and wetland. This woodland is on either side of the steep-sided river valley of Woodnok Water. It carves a linear path along the old railway line from Platts Lodge, Ormerod Street in Accrington to the Kearns Allens lodges in Baxenden. 

The Woodnook Vale Local Nature Reserve features 16 habitats. The reserve supports a wide range of wildlife that collides with an industrial legacy that includes demolished mill buildings, former mill lodges, and the old Accrington to Manchester railway line. This line closed in 1966 and is now a 2.8km multi-user trackway for leisure.

The wide range of wildlife found at Woodnook Vale LNR includes over sixty different bird species and nearly three hundred varieties of plants. The area is very peaceful and allows you to connect well with nature. You can often observe the Great Spotted Woodpecker along Woodnook Water, and you can see Meadow Brown butterflies feeding along the water embankments. 

In the early morning, you can even spot Roe Deer crossing the old railway lines, and throughout the year Blue Tits, Great Tits, Bullfinches and Chaffinches roam the path searching for food.

Woodnook Vale LNR is also home to Priestley Clough. The council has designated this ancient woodland a Biological Heritage Site as its history spans back to 1600 AD.

If your loved one enjoyed the great outdoors, Woodnook Vale LNR is a beautiful, peaceful place to scatter their ashes.

There are lots of different ways you can store or scatter ashes

If you don’t want to keep ashes in your home, this what can you do with ashes after a cremation guide will give you some other suggestions of what to do with them. If you’ve decided to scatter them, this how to scatter ashes article can give you some ideas on how to do it.

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