Memorial Ideas in Sheffield

How to remember your loved one in Sheffield.

Pay tribute to your loved one with a beautiful memorial tree at a Garden of Remembrance, a memorial plaque or memorial wall niche, or inscribe their name into a Book of Remembrance.

Remembering Your Loved One in Sheffield

When a loved one dies and chooses to have their ashes scattered, their family and friends may want to designate a space in their memory to visit instead of a grave. 

A memorial, such as a dedicated tree or bench, can be a meaningful way to remember your loved one. It can give you a spot to visit and think about your loved one in an area that was significant to them, such as the town where they grew up or their favourite spot in the park. 

In Sheffield, there are a number of ways you can set up a memorial for your loved one, including their own tree in a Garden of Remembrance, or a bronze plaque or leather memorial panels.

Find your funeral director in Sheffield who will help you arrange a cremation or burial, and give you ideas for a meaningful memorial.

Memorial Plaques in Sheffield

Sheffield council offers a number of plaque options for their cemeteries and crematoriums, including bronze memorial plaques, leather memorial panels, and memorial wall niches. 

The bronze memorial plaques are sold on 15-year leases and can be renewed when the expiry date approaches. They are available in two sizes—the small plaque is 125mm x 60mm, while the large plaque is 6” x 4”. They are available at the Hutcliffe Wood Garden of Remembrance, the Burncross Cemetery columbarium, and City Road Cemetery.

The leather memorial panels are dark blue and inscribed with gold leaf bearing the name of your loved one and an inscription of your choice. The panels are displayed in an oak frame and remain in place for 10-15 years. These leather memorial panels are available at City Road Cemetery and Hutcliffe Wood Garden of Remembrance.

Book of Remembrance in Sheffield

Inscribing your loved one’s name into a Book of Remembrance is an excellent way to memorialise and honour your lost loved one. Many books will not only inscribe your loved one’s name and the date they died but will also give you the option of inscribing flower emblems, coats of arms or other badges that you believe best represent your loved one.

Sheffield Council offers a Book of Remembrance. These books are kept in the Remembrance Rooms at City Road Cemetery and Hutcliffe Wood Garden of Remembrance. The name of your loved one can be entered into the book along with a personal inscription and can be viewed once a year on a date of your choice.

Memorial Trees in Sheffield

Sheffield Council’s Woodlands and Countryside Section is responsible for the city’s parks, woodlands and open spaces that contain over 100,000 trees in parks and open spaces. 

There is a wooded area for memorial trees in the Hutcliffe Wood Gardens of Remembrance. A vase block surrounds every tree and includes a small posy vase for you and your family to place floral tributes. The granite tablet is big enough to feature an inscription and a photograph of your loved one.

You can report any problems with the memorial tree to the Sheffield Council’s Woodlands and Countryside Section. Just tell them the problem, where the tree is, and provide contact information if they need to contact you about the tree.

To ensure trees are safe and are not hazardous to the public, it’s important that maintenance work is undertaken to ensure health and safety. This includes work on uprooting and fallen trees, structurally unsound trees, broken, hanging, or falling branches, and diseased trees.

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