Here’s how it works in three steps

  • 1
    Prepare your will

    Create your will using our simple guided process. It should only take 12 minutes, and there’s live support.

  • 2
    Print & sign it

    Once you’re happy with everything, print and sign your will with witnesses to make it legal.

  • 3
    Store it

    Put it away somewhere safe, and let your executors know where it is.

Questions? Chat with us or call us on 0800 0248640.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long will it take?

    Usually people take around 12 minutes when using Farewill, but take as long as you’d like. Download an example of one of our wills to see how they look.

  • Can I leave gifts?

    Yes - absolutely! Many of our users leave sentimental gifts such as jewellery or photo albums, or valuable gifts like a car or money.

  • Where should I store it?

    We suggest somewhere safe where you keep your other important documents, and make sure you tell your executor where it lives - or send them a copy.

  • Can I update my will?

    You can, and it’s completely free for the first year (and £5 a year then on). There’s no need to be restricted by the will you write today.

Why use Farewill?

  • Anytime, anywhere, call us or chat live

  • Checked by will specialists

  • Always updatable when life happens

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