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The service was excellent and you would not get better by going to a high street funeral director and paying 2 or 3 times as much. We couldn’t have asked for a better send off for our brother.
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Terry, funeral customer

Do it your way

Create the send-off you want, when you’re ready. With more time to grieve, plan, and get everyone together.

It’s simpler

Cut the extra fuss and burden of a traditional funeral. Things like a hearse, an organist, or arranging parking.

It’s cheaper

We’re 4x cheaper than the average traditional UK funeral, saving you thousands.

An Exeter Funeral Specialist who’s with you from day one

Deeanna, a Funeral Specialist at Farewill Funeral Directors

An Exeter Funeral Specialist who’s with you from day one

Losing a loved one is hard. To make things a little easier, we'll pair you up with someone in our team.

With experience across Newton and St Leonard's, Heavitree, St David's, Dudyard and St James, St Thomas and beyond, they’ll listen to what you want and need, answer your questions and guide you through everything.

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Direct cremation.
It’s a funeral done your way.

Direct cremation is simply a cremation without a funeral service. It’s fast becoming the choice of families who want to choose how and where they say goodbye to their loved one, at a time that’s right for them.

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We arrange the cremation

Wherever you are in England and Wales, we’ll bring your loved one to our chapel of rest. Then complete all the paperwork and arrange the cremation.

On the day

We’ll transport them to a local crematorium and carry out a cremation you don’t attend. We’re always available if you need a chat.

We hand-deliver the ashes

We deliver your loved one’s ashes in your choice of urn, or scatter them for you. We can also give ideas and advice on arranging a fitting send-off.

We met up with family and said goodbye together in our way. The way mum wanted. Fantastic value, fantastic staff, fantastic company that’s with you every step of the way.

Jenny, who arranged a funeral with farewill

Excellent|4.9 on Trustpilot

Planning your own reception or memorial

Instead of a funeral service, a memorial can give you the chance to come together with friends and family and celebrate your loved one’s life. If this is something you’re considering, these ideas from our team could help you get started.

Memorial ideas in Exeter

Pay tribute to your loved ones by entering their name into the Book of Remembrance at East Devon Crematorium, dedicate a plaque to them, or plant a tree in their name.

Unique wake venues in Exeter

Enjoy the art and history at the Royal Albert Memorial Museum & Art Gallery, or walk through the River Exe County Park, enjoy a picnic and celebrate the life of your loved one.

Where to scatter ashes in Exeter

Walk along the river banks of the River Exe, spend some time on Sandy Bay Beach or East Devon AONB to scatter your loved one’s ashes in a place that was special to them.

Find Your Funeral Directors in Exeter 

Exeter is a city in southwest England sitting on the River Exe. Since the Roman era, the city has been an integral part of the country with many landmarks of its long history remaining. You can still visit Exeter Cathedral, the Castle, or experience the culture at one of their many museums and galleries. 

Exeter is also home to several churches including the Riverside Church, Vineyard Church, and Rediscover Church. These churches are all wonderful places to celebrate the life of your loved one. There are also a few cemeteries and crematoriums such as Higher Cemetery and Exeter and Devon Crematorium where the well-maintained gardens offer a chance to create a lasting memorial for the person who’s died.

There are also many places of natural beauty should you consider scattering your loved one’s ashes in Exeter, such as Sandy Bay Beach and the River Exe.

How much funerals and cremations cost in Exeter 

The average cost of a funeral in Exeter is roughly £4,150. Cremation with a service is cheaper, costing on average £3,800, and burial will set you back around £4,500. These prices are in line with the average across the whole of the UK.

It’s worth noting that the price of a funeral can vary depending on the type of funeral you choose to arrange. You could expect to pay a lot less with a direct cremation.

There are several funeral services available in Exeter including burials, natural burials, and direct cremation. We’ll help you arrange a meaningful direct cremation in Exeter.

Areas we cover in Exeter 

We can arrange a meaningful cremation across Exeter, including Digby, Foxhayes, Alphington, Redhells, St Thomas and Pennslyvania.

We’ll bring your loved one into our care, no matter the distance, arrange the cremation and hand-deliver their ashes back to you anywhere in Exeter. Our local experts can also help you find somewhere to hold a memorial service in Exeter.

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