How well do you know your loved ones? A festive quiz from Farewill

Lots of people think writing a will is all about death, but we're going to put it out there and say that we think it's all about love. And, strange as it sounds, it can actually be a fun thing to talk about with your family and friends.

Maybe your sister thinks Coldplay playing at your funeral is a brilliant idea, but your best friend knows there isn’t anything in this world you’d hate more (no offence Chris Martin). Or there’s a surprise family rivalry over who would be the best cat parent in your absence which no-one saw coming.

So gather those nearest and dearest to see if they can guess what you’ve written in your will or are planning to put in there! 

We recommend grabbing a pen and paper to keep track of their scores (and having a mulled wine in the other hand 🍷).

Question 1

What is my most prized possession and who would I give it to? 💝

We’d give them 1 point if they guess your most treasured possession right and a bonus point if they can guess who you’d leave it to. But it’s up to you to explain why you’ve chosen that lucky person over all the others; what’s Christmas without a little family drama?

Question 2

Who do you think would give the most emotional eulogy at my funeral? And who would give the funniest? 🎭

One point for each answer that you agree with. You’re also allowed to deduct points if you strongly disagree with anyone’s choice. Hey we don’t make the rules, we just... yeah we make the rules in this quiz. 

Eulogies are short speeches about the life of a person who’s died

The main part of a eulogy usually includes a timeline of a person’s life; so the person who gives it can include lots of different stories including funny ones. 

Monty Python’s Eric Idle’s jokily opened his eulogy for Beatle George Harrison with: “When they told me... [he’d died and they were planning a funeral]... my first thought was ‘I bet he won’t show up.'” 

Question 3

Which charity would I pledge to in my will? 💸

If you’ve been watching Succession perhaps it’s inspired you to pull an Uncle Ewan and donate everything to Greenpeace. But it doesn’t have to be that extreme. You can either give a specific amount of money in your will or a percentage of everything you own.

But which lucky charity would you go for? 1 point to anyone who guesses correctly! Half point for anyone who guesses the right cause but the wrong charity (for example, Cancer Research UK instead of Macmillan).

Question 4

If a famous Hollywood director decided to make a movie of my life, who would I want to play me? 🎬

Okay maybe this is something you wouldn’t strictly put in your will. Although you could mention it in your funeral wishes if you’re particularly passionate about a specific actor - funeral wishes are not legally binding though so no promises that you’ll be played by George Clooney.

One point for the person whose guess you like the most- bonus points if anyone comes up with a particularly exciting director’s pitch (like Tom Holland for your early years and Rober Downey Jr later in life!).

Question 5

Who would I trust to become a guardian for my pet? 🐶

If you don’t have a pet feel free to skip this question or to make one up. Perhaps you’ve always dreamed of having a pet lizard or little kitten.

Warning:  This question could cause a few arguments if your pet is a family favourite who everyone wants to cuddle up with. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

TV presenter Oprah famously set aside $30 million dollars for her dogs in a trust

She’s even said in the event of a fire the one thing she’d save would be a photo album of all the dogs she’s ever had. So it’s a good thing there’s all that money set aside for them! 

Why not take a little time to write your will today to show your love for your furry friends 💛 If you want to include a trust for your pets, then you can use our telephone wills service to discuss this.

Question 6

What music would I want to be played at my funeral? 🎶

Now this is a tricky one. Easy to get wrong but something people feel incredibly passionate about. We’d give a point for the correct artist and another point if someone guesses the correct song. 

You can be liberal with negative points here if they get your tastes totally wrong. 

Question 7

If there was one specific thing of mine I could leave you, what would you want it to be? 🎁

Will the close friend who always ‘borrows’ your earrings confess to quite liking the look of them? Or will your brother who never gave you back your records admit to actually quite liking your music taste. 

Bonus points here if you’ve already put the item in your will.

And that’s it! It’s time to tally up the scores 💯

If you’ve been deducting points freely and end up with a scenario where everyone has minus points… well it’s a good thing they know a bit more about your final wishes now! You can thank us later.

Have a Merry Christmas from everyone at Farewill, and remember you can write your will (or encourage your loved ones to write theirs!) in as little as fifteen minutes with our award-winning online service 🎄

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