Commission Disclosure: Upfront Payment

The total cost of your funeral plan is £1,595

This is wholly attributable to the supply of your funeral plan. From this total cost, £985 is placed in an independent trust. This amount is used to provide the covered individual with the direct cremation funeral when it’s needed.

Any additional money is retained by Farewill Funerals Limited to cover costs such as marketing, setting up and administering your plan.

To help you compare prices, if you contacted Farewill Funerals Limited to arrange a funeral today, the cost of a direct cremation would start at £895. Depending on the circumstances, additional costs could include:

  • £275, an urgent collection fee, if we need to bring someone into our care urgently because they died somewhere without a mortuary, like a home or care home
  • £82, doctor’s fees, if a doctor confirms the cause of death instead of a coroner
  • £90, to remove any medical devices, like a pacemaker
  • £100, to hand deliver the ashes anywhere in mainland England or Wales

The total cost, including all of these services, would be £1,442.


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