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Why we all need to rethink death.

A short summary on why we do what we do and why changing attitudes around death are important to us.

by Abby Worth
February 22, 2017

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We launched Farewill in November last year with one clear mission: change the way the world deals with death, forever. Since then, thousands of people have joined us in making their will online to plan for their own deaths in a more accessible, meaningful and joyful way.

This is why we do it.

Making a will is one of the most important things each of us will ever do. But it’s been complicated by old-fashioned attitudes, legal jargon and lack of transparency. Dying without a will costs your family thousands in lost assets, and leaves the law to decide who gets everything you own and love. We believe there’s a better way. We believe in a world where wills are accessible to everyone, where everyone can have a normal, open and positive conversation about death. We believe planning for our own death not only takes care of the legals, but helps us appreciate and celebrate life. A way to say now what you can’t later. We’re blowing the cobwebs off the death industry. And the journey starts with better wills.

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