Introducing the new Farewill

We talk through the process and reasoning behind rebranding Farewill.

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Making a will is boring and expensive, which probably explains why 97% of people don’t have an up to date will. Farewill exists to make writing your will easy and affordable.

We’ve spent the past few months re-designing our product and brand — and today we’re launching it.

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Why we exist

97% of people in the UK don’t have an up to date will, and 88% of parents haven’t appointed a guardian for their child.

The will writing industry is failing.

Farewill exists to give people a place to go where they can make a will online in under 15 minutes, for just £90. Over the past six months we’ve built an easy to use product that cuts the jargon out of complex legal work. Today we’re introducing a brand that supports our ambition, and looks to change the way we approach death.


How the brand came to be

In the new year we set out to work with Koto, the talented folk behind brands such as Airbnb, Gumtree, and Fanta. They understood our position as a new digital company, and accepted the challenge of helping us craft a brand that worked across our accessible digital product.


We started by getting ourselves and Koto in a room together — we discussed what we thought worked for us, and what we thought wouldn’t work. It was clear that as a company we were, and still are, aligned on our mission; this helped us in the following weeks make some tricky decisions. From this initial session Koto took the outcomes home and explored two directions. One was a fluid & organic brand that played on life as a journey, the second was a bold and provocative brand that addressed death head on. This allowed us to take pieces from both ends of the spectrum, and grow then into a brand that was bold, but not aggressive.


What we created

After months of work we’re proud to introduce the new Farewill, a bold and exciting brand that takes everything you’d expect from death, and spins it on its head. This project is something that we hope will continue to help people write their wills, and by doing so will allow them to accept the inevitable.


We’re really excited to today be announcing this brand, and we look forward to growing it over the coming years. Take a look at Farewill to see it in all its glory, and get started with making your will online today.

With thanks to Koto.

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