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How to make a will

Writing a will is one of those things that people in the UK put off for years, but you may be surprised to discover how simple it really is. Here, we’ll explain how you can write your will online in just 15 minutes.

by Lorraine Robinson
December 5, 2019

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Do I need a will?

This is the first question to ask yourself before deciding which will writing service to choose. In short, the answer will always be yes, but it’s important to understand why you need one.

Whether you’re a parent-going-on-grandparent or a single thirty-something, a will is extremely important for two key reasons:

1. Protecting your family’s future

Writing a will allows you to appoint guardians for any children under 18, set out your funeral wishes and decide how much you want your family to inherit. Some online will writing services also allow you to leave gifts and personal messages to your loved ones, which gives you a chance to say a final goodbye to your closest friends and relatives.

2. Sharing your estate with the right people (or charities)

After working hard your whole life to save money and pay your mortgage, you’ll probably want to have a say in what happens to your estate when you’re gone. Writing a will allows you to do just that. Parents often choose to leave everything to their partner, then their children, but you may also decide to leave money to extended family and even charities.

What type of will is right for me?

There are a few different types of wills to be aware of when comparing will writing services in the UK. Here are the main three:

Simple wills

A simple will is suitable for most people in the UK. It allows you to appoint guardians, share out your estate, record funeral wishes and leave gifts to your loved ones. This has the added bonus of costing a bit less because it doesn’t require a solicitor, but do make sure your will has been checked by an expert before signing it.

Couples wills

You’ve probably heard the term ‘mirror wills’ before, but couples wills are slightly different. Mirror wills were seen as the natural choice for years in the UK, but these are gradually going out of fashion for two main reasons: they don’t reflect modern non-traditional family structures and they don’t allow partners to set their own individual wishes.

Couples wills allow you to do exactly that. You can leave unique gifts, write your own personal messages and set out individual funeral wishes – and by paying together, you save a bit of money compared to the cost of two separate wills too.

Complex wills

If you own a business, have assets overseas or want to leave behind a trust, you may need to create a complex will. These often require advice and support from a solicitor, and are therefore a slightly more expensive option.

3 steps to make a legal will

1. Write your will online

If you want to write a straightforward will for yourself – or couples wills for you and your partner – you can do it online right now at It only takes a few seconds to sign up, then you can follow the simple steps to set out your wishes in as little as 15 minutes.

Think your situation is more complex? Call 020 8050 2686 to speak to one of our will experts today. We’re available from Monday to Sunday, 9am to 7pm to discuss your situation and help you decide what type of will is right for you, whatever your needs.

2. Get your will checked by an expert

When you’ve finished and paid for your will, one of our experts will check it over carefully within 5 working days. If there’s anything that looks unusual or needs to be clarified, we’ll get in touch. Once everything is confirmed, we’ll send you an email with a link to download your will.

3. Print and sign your will

After downloading your will, you need to print and sign it alongside two witnesses to make it legally-binding. The only rule here is that your witnesses can’t be beneficiaries of your will. Colleagues, friends and neighbours are popular choices.

What happens once you've created your will?

Put your will somewhere safe (and make sure people know where to find it)

You can store your will anywhere in your home, such as drawers, filing cabinets and even bookcases. But wherever you decide to keep your will, make sure your executors know where it is. After all, there’s no point taking the time to write your will if people can’t find it when you’re gone.

Update it anytime things change

It’s recommended that your will is updated every 3-5 years, but you may want to update it more often if your circumstances change quite quickly. Unlike traditional will-writing options, Farewill allows you to update your will anytime for just £10 a year – free for the first year.

This is perfect if you move house, have additional children or grandchildren, or decide to leave a gift to charity. Simply log into your account to make the changes, then our experts will re-check your will before sending you a link to download it. Then, after printing and signing your new will alongside a couple of witnesses, you can store it somewhere safe and throw your old one away.

Did you know Farewill can also help with probate? Find out more about our probate service here.

Want to know more about what makes your will legally binding? Take a look at our guide to writing a legal will here.

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