Farewill are looking for a PPC person

We're on the hunt for an AdWords contractor to join us for a month.

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Hello and welcome

We’re looking for a AdWords contractor to work closely with our Head of Growth establishing our PPC setup from scratch.

The role will be 4-5 days per week for 4 weeks. Ideally with the first two weeks in-house with us in Haggerston (East London).

Farewill Team

About you


  • You’ll be at home with Adwords Editor and excel shortcuts for rapid implementation
  • You’ll have 1+ years experience in a role focused on Adwords and remarketing implementation
  • You’ll have set-up extensive and well-structured campaigns from scratch
  • You’ll want to work closely with a small and dedicated team on something meaningful.


  • Agile approach, with a quick test and learn mindset
  • Interest in the weird and wonderful area we work in. Death isn’t for everyone!

A bit more about us

At Farewill, we’re out to change the way the world deals with death, helping people to take control, personally and financially, of what matters to them after they’re gone.

Why we do it

We’ve got a problem with death. In the UK alone:

  • 100,000 people every year go into debt to pay for an exploitatively overpriced funeral
  • 97% of people don’t have an up-to-date will - despite the average £9,700 extra it costs to die without one
  • 88% of parents haven’t chose a guardian for their children
  • Under 1 in 100 people leave a gift to a friend in their will.

For something that affects every last one of us, that’s not a list to be proud of. In a $200B global industry, it’s a huge opportunity to do things better.

What we do

We’re building the first consumer brand in death - across wills, funerals, probate services and more.

We launched our first product in November of 2016 helping people to take care of their wills online, for a fraction of the cost of seeing a solicitor in person. Since then, we’ve grown rapidly, and are on track to be the biggest will writer in the UK later this year. We’re currently also working with the Law Commission to rewrite the law behind wills (which has stood unchanged for 170 years) and fully digitize the process.

In recent months we've have topped Designer News and Product Hunt (after rebranding with the studio behind Airbnb) and been featured in Forbes, The Times, The Guardian, Radio 4. We're also making waves in the charity world with over £21 million raised for charities on our platform through our partnerships.

Who we are

We’re a lean, product-focused team who love what we do. With backgrounds in design, behavioural psychology, and management consultancy, we’re a diverse bunch of independent thinkers and humble learning machines.

Based in Haggerston in East London, we’re backed by some of the best investors in Europe - from the founders of Zoopla and Wonga, to Kindred Capital and SAATCHiNVEST.

If you'd like to know a bit more about our team and how we do things, take a look here.

How to apply

If you’re interested in working together please send a brief email to [email protected] (our Head of Growth) answering the following questions:

Subject: “{insert your name} - Farewill PPC Application”

  1. Why would you like to do this role? (100 words max)
  2. Tell us about two bits of most relevant experience (two/three sentence for each max)
  3. Send us your CV.

Thank you in advance for taking the time if you choose to apply. We’ll review your application as soon as possible. If successful we’ll arrange a short Skype call, followed by having you in to meet the team to see you if you’d like to work together.

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