Joe in the park having the time of his life

Development, the Countryside and Burritos - A chat with Joe

Joe, Full-stack Developer, joined Farewill recently. We decided to go for a walk in the park. and have a chat

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Joe recently joined and decided it'd be a good chance to have a walk and talk about him and what he's doing at Farewill.

We had a walk to Stonebridge Gardens, home to a large snake and next to our office.

Everything in bold is me and the rest is Joe.

I guess introduce yourself first Joe.

Alright, well I'm Joe. I'm a Full-stack Developer at Farewill.

Zac: What does that mean?

I make things that Harry designs and I also do the tech side of things on the API.

Zac: I find that's quite an interesting title as people tend to have mixed feelings about it.

Yeah, not a lot of people are 'full-stack' they're either one or the other. They like to focus their abilities to either 'front-end' or 'back-end' and dont really go for both.

I've definitely worked a lot with designers so I was kinda forced to be good at front-end. Otherwise they'd shout at me at every situation that came up when I've done something wrong.

'One pixels out of place here' - that sort of thing. Just over the years I had to be good at front-end.

Why did you join Farewill in the first place? What attracted you?

I've been freelancing for 3 years and was looking for something more stable.

But I wasnt ready to go into a company that was just a boring 'sit down and make this website' sort of thing.

I was looking someone who had a cool idea, obviously my friend Harry I've worked with before. He invited me to check out Farewill. I was like: looks cool.

Zac: You were like: 'fair-will' enough.

Zac: That's gonna be a recurring thing in these interviews. Just shit puns.

Joe working at his desk

What would you say is the most rewarding thing in development specifically?

Making something from nothing, I guess.

To make anything you need to use materials but when it comes to development you just type a few things down and a product is made.

Having people use your product as well. Getting the hype around it and seeing how people interact with your product. I feel like thats probably the most rewarding part.

We're quite close to our users through things like Intercom - Do you think that makes it more compelling to do what you're doing?

Yeah, definitely. I've had my own personal projects in the past and they've always felt a lot more fun and interactive. I think that's because you care more about the user's interaction. You get to see it more.

You've recently moved to London. How's that gone? What do you think?

Yeah I like it. I'm reaping in the benefits of Amazon Prime Now and Deliveroo.

Both of us: Hahaha

Not having to leave your house...

No it's good, it's definitely a change from living in the countryside.

Zac: Do you miss it?

Not so far. But I can imagine I will once I've been here for a while.

Zac: My family are in the Midlands. When I travel there I realise how different it is. It's more relaxed.

Everyone's got somewhere to be in London, so everyone's busy and doing something. In the countryside people just sit around for the fun of it. Like we're doing now.

Zac: When you say countryside, where is that?

Somerset - South west.

Portrait of Joe in park

And so how did you get into development and coding?

When I moved to Somerset it was when I was 10 years old, so I didn't have many friends to hang out with at that point. In the countryside I didn't have many neighbours. The only thing I could do really was go on the computer and find something to do there.

So I taught myself through video tutorials. I enjoyed it, started making things and that's led to where I am now.

What would you be doing if you weren't at Farewill right now.

Well if I wasnt at the company, I'd be freelancing.

If I hadn't be developing at all I think I'd probably be an Architect cause that's where I was aiming towards in school.

Zac: How come you didn't go towards that?

Just cause I found out how easy it was not having to go to University.

I found my path early on so I went into full time employment as soon as I left school. Instead of spending 6 years at University, spending loads of money doing it that way.

Would you go to Uni if you had the chance now?

Depends what for. If I felt it could improve me in specific topic which I'm interested in yeah. I find most things in my career you can learn without University.

You've been eating a load of burritos recently havent you... 🌯

Yeah i'm a fiend for the burritos. It's just something you cant get down the rural ends of Somerset.

Zac: Maybe that's what you could do. Start your own burrito place.

"Joe's Burritos"

Zac: It's got a good ring to it.

Joe backflipping in the park

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