The simpler cremation service

We take care of the cremation and hand-deliver your loved one’s ashes so you can focus on creating a memorial as unique as them.

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Experts in cremation

The Farewill cremation team has decades of experience helping grieving families. We’re also proud partners of the Fair Funerals Pledge and The Natural Death Centre.

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Fixed-fee cremation costs

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inc. VAT
  1. + £164 if there are doctor’s fees
  2. + £250 for complex collection

    A complex collection is where a doctor needs to be called out.

    Call us on 020 3966 3935 and we can tell you if this applies to you with just a few questions.

How much does a funeral cost in the UK?

The average cost of a cremation in the UK is around £3,250. Our fixed-fee cremation service is a fraction of the cost, so you’ve got more to spend on giving them the perfect send-off.

What are your payment options?

We usually require payment in full upfront but please give us a call if you need to discuss alternatives.

How to create a more personal funeral with Farewill

Our cremation service (sometimes called ‘direct cremation’) covers everything from collection to return of the ashes.


We collect your loved one

We collect your loved one from anywhere in England or Wales, working with doctors and nurses to deal with all the necessary paperwork.


We carry out a private cremation

We carry out a private, dignified cremation behind closed doors so you can spend more time planning the perfect funeral with your family.


We hand-deliver their ashes

We deliver your loved one’s ashes in a beautiful, temporary urn, giving you the freedom to scatter or display them in your own way.

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Every life is unique. Why should funerals be any different?

Our simple cremation service gives you the freedom to remember your loved one’s life in your own way.

You could hire the town hall, take a trip to the beach, or you could even host a celebration in your own garden. It really is up to you.

“Mum would have hated a formal funeral, so we had a family picnic in her favourite park and raised a glass of wine in her honour.”

The perfect way to say goodbye

Here are some of the most popular ways people celebrate their loved ones after receiving their ashes.

Scattered at sea

Visit their favourite beach or beauty spot and scatter their ashes into the wind.

Commemorative jewellery

Turn their ashes into a ring, cufflinks or a sparkling pendant that you can keep forever.

Memorial fireworks

Create fireworks from their ashes and send them off with a bang.

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